Can I Find Simple Email Hosting?

The services of simple email hosting are very much available and in fact for the majority of the web hosting service providers. However, there also exists some hosting dedicated to this kind of hosting. These services are mostly offered at a premium base as opposed to the free services since the free services are mostly supported by advertisements. Presence of advertisements is not ideal for small and mid-sized companies or for any professional use. Therefore, premium services are recommended for such operations and professionalism purposes. Large Corporations are known to prefer to do their own hosting services for their emails, though expensive, this option offers them a lot of reliance and convenient required by these organizations.

Difference between web hosting and the hosting of emails

Though they look common at a distance and also offered by the same hosting companies, these two types of hosting are actually very different. The underlying technology is different and that is why there are some organizations are actually offering it as a dedicated service while some large companies performing it themselves. The reason why web hosting service providers also tend to offer email hosting is because these services are closely related and thus they opt to offer it as a bundled service then let their clients seek the services elsewhere. Also, since it may also need to incorporate the domain name which they usually provide they view it prudent to offer it altogether.

The benefits of simple hosting of emails


The existence of hosting in every business, whether a small or large is very important. This is the most effective way of communicating with the clients, among these hosting, email hosting is considered the most effective. This is because of the advantages associated with hosting of emails, some of which will be outlined below.

Data security is highly guaranteed, with this hosting, security is enforced against data loss and unauthorized access. They employ IMAP and POP which protect against data loss, they also decline any unauthorized access. They encrypt data in a way that only the designated recipient will be able to view the data.

Anti-spam and antivirus filters, these filters are in place to remove any spams. It is very annoying to find so many spams in your account, it gets really hard to know which emails are important. The antivirus protects your account from malware which may lead to loss of data, or affect the account’s performance.

Storage space, with this hosting they customize the storage space according to your own needs. This gives you enough space for your domain, since the space can be increased according to your domain.

Address book sharing, this hosting you get an address book in which you can add contacts. There is also the feature of sharing these contacts with others with an address book, this is very convenient when it comes to sharing contacts.

There are two types of hosting of emails, the free hosting and paid hosting. The two are almost the same because they offer the same services, the difference is with free hosting, the host imposes advertisements in your domain and the paid has some extra features.


If you’re Looking For Free Web Hosting and a Domain…

For the non-established businesses and newbie in the web development arena, it is recommended that they start with afree web hosting domain services as they are in most cases, low on budget and also they may not be exactly sure of the levels of services offered by the web hosting service providers. Such services are essential to these entities in the future selection of a suitable premium service. These services, however, are not recommended for the well-established sites or commercial sites.

Criteria of choosing a free web host

There are a number of factors that have to be put into account while looking for a free web hosting domain service provider. These are some of the issues to look at;

  1. Advertising

Since with free web hosting this is the main source of revenue, you should be able to know their advertising policy and so as to know what is allowed and what is not. You need to know what materials will be advertised on your site so as to know whether it is consistent with your principles.

  1. Speed of access and reliability


Despite the fact that this is a free service the speed is also a very crucial factor and you also need to determine if the site is reliable, this is usually on the percentage of time that it is online and visitors can access your site.

  1. Storage space allocated

Though only a small amount of space is required for basic web hosting you need to inquire if it is possible to expand the size in the future if a need arises.

  1. File size and type limitation

With free web hosting there are possible limitations to the types of files you can upload and also the size. Therefore on having to evaluate these limitations and check them against their needs to determine if it is the right hosting service provider to go with.

Caution with domain name

When looking for a free web hosting domain service provider, it is always ideal to properly go through the terms and policy properly and make any inquiry that they may be having. It is known that though some domain name service provider may issue you with a free domain and yet keep the rights to it. Other serious scenarios have been exorbitant hidden charges when you need to move to a different hosting.

Also, some domain tends to retain an affiliation with the hosting company – it is a sub domain of the company –and this is not suitable for a professional site and that means that you will finally have to look for another domain name sometimes later. Other than facing such inconveniences later, it would be ideal to look for a different service provider.

The most recommended types of service providers in this category, but it is recommended that one choose the one that choose a firm that allows users to upgrade to premium services later when they are ready for that. Otherwise free services are not recommended for professional website.

Finding the Top Web Hosting Company: A Checklist

As with most services and products, it is human nature to prefer for the best in any category they may be seeking service from. In the field of web hosting this is no different and it is true that we are in unending battles concerning who is thetop web hosting company. The response to this need to get to know the best have been the presence of several reviews and ranking sites on the web trying to give a rank and recommendations regarding the various hosting service providers around.

Criteria in picking a top web host service provider

There are a number of factors that need to be seriously looked at in order for ranking of web hosting services, even though, there is no conclusive means of ranking of these services as some of the services they provide may be unique and also the level of comparison is not exhaustive. This means that the ranking achieved is just for comparison purposes only and when one is looking for a preferred host they also should check on what is unique to them. Some of the factors used to rank web hosts may include;

    1. Reliability and speed

This refers to the amount of time that your site is available for access and is referred to as uptime and is given as a percentage. A top web hosting company should havea value of 99.5% and above, though some of these figures may not be particularly accurate. The speed is determined by the amount of time that the content on the web takes to load.

  1. Bandwidth

This refers to the amount of data transferred from your website to people visiting your site. Most hosting companies claim that they offer unlimited, but that is rarely the case as you find the exact amount enclosed somewhere else on the policy and you may find yourself being billed highly for exceeding a particular bandwidth. It is always preferred that a host, specify the bandwidth allowed.

  1. Storage space

This is the amount of disk space that a hosting allocates to you for your web files and any other files that may be associated with it. At the current times it’s common to find hosting companies dishing out plenty of disk space, but that’s not actually necessary in the case that you are not hosting music or videos. As a matter of fact a normal site with no multimedia content usually uses very little space like 20 MB.

  1. Control and support

Control is in terms of how easy the interface provided to you by your hosting company works. An easy interface is preferred to accommodate even those without in-depth knowledge on web hosting. Hosting companies should give support to their clients when they get stuck and the level of support determines ranking greatly.

A warning on reviews

Since this is the major source of ranking for top web hosting company, it is recommended that one double checks the information before jumping into conclusion. This is because some of these sites are biased to some hosting firms and give information to support others and downplay others.

Who Supplies Web Hosting and A Free Domain?

For a starter in web development, and those that are in startup businesses, the idea of a free domain is always comforting and comforting. In the present times where we all refer to all the information, services and products on the web, having a web presence is indispensable. There are quite a number of web hosting service providers that offer web hosting, free domain name services for free or at a reasonable fee. This is aimed at getting startup businesses online and maybe charge them at a later time or have them upgrade the type of service at a later time.

Offering these services to start up is more of a future strategy than of the actual source of income. Web hosting, free domain companies that offer these services for or a very small fee to get their revenue from advertising on their clients’ sites. Therefore, most of the new comers in the web development have to contend with that and also the domain that you may give for free may have some affiliation with the service provider and so at a later time you will be compelled to have another domain name.

Types of web hosts


There are a number of web host grouped by the type of service they offer. Due to advancement in technology, there has emerged different types of hosting categories with some of the firms dedicating themselves to giving specialized web host services alone. Some of the types of web hosting may include;

  1. Cloud web hosting

This is a type where your data is stored in several virtual locations and your resources can be used by others while you are idle or when you are high you can enjoy the resources of the others, the major benefit of this is the fact that your data is not in one static location and on an event that there is an incident with one site, it can be run from another location thus you always have a high uptime which is a big advantage to all businesses.

  1. Shared web hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting where several sites share the same resources. In this type of hosting pricing is very competitive, though the quality of service is usually not at an all-time best. This type of hosting is recommended for low end user or site that do not have too much traffic in them or those that do not require a lot of security features.

  1. Dedicated web hosting

This is the kind of web hosting where every site has its own set of resources at its disposal all by itself. This is usually a very expensive approach, but recommended for high traffic websites or for sites that require a high security system.

Tips in choosing an initial web and domain service provider

For an initial web hosting, free domain service on should be keen on the terms some of the service providers give as they may be a bit tricky and to some extent takes advantage or overcharge you for the service at a later time

Use A Hostgator Promo Code For A 25% Discount

After several reviews declaring it the best, and true to the word, the company has been true to its word. Hostgator has continued to offer the all-time reliable and efficient services like never before. The hosting service provider has been accredited with a top notch service yet cost effective. This has made the company earn a good reputation, especially the numerous mid-sized and small companies globally, it currently controls about 1% of the global websites among the thousands of the web hosting service providers around the world. This is a major achievement for any one company. To continue with its cost effective strategy, the company introduced coupons or bounty code system that allows its customers enjoy certain specific discounts, such as Hostgator promo code 25% discount on their services.

Finding and using coupons and codes

Hostgator coupons and codes such as the famous Hostgator promo code 25% discount are readily on the company’s website as well as on some other friendly sites across the web. Some special codes and coupons are also available for the subscribers of the Hostgator newsletter and services and also for those who participates in their reviews and also surveys they conduct. There are several types of codes available for different discounts measures and thus subscribers should seek to understand how the work and then choose their most appropriate for the kind of discount that they need.

Using these codes is pretty easy as all that is required is to input it in a combo box on the SignUp page and then you enjoy your preferred discount measures.

Tips on choosing a promo code


In the case of hostgator coupon codes, there are a number of codes to choose from and them all offer discounted prices for subscribers who use them. To enjoy the ultimate discount levels from Hostgator, one needs to choose longer billing cycles where you can enjoy discounts up to 50%, billing cycles are chosen during sign up stage and a critical decision has to be made at this stage. Also one should access their specific needs to understand which coupon they prefer the most.

Top features in Hostgator

There are several features that make Hostgator a top ranked web host service provider. Some of those features include;

  1. Speed and reliability

Hostgator is renowned for its top speeds for the sites it hosts even the high traffic ones and also that these sites have a very high uptime reaching 99.9% and this makes it ideal for e commerce and high priority websites.

  1. Support

The hosting firm has an efficient and 24/7 technical support that is there to help you out when you get stuck. This is a very big plus as you get to resolve all the issues immediately and with much ease.

  1. Low cost

The hosting company is the most cost effective in its class for the top class services. This has led to the increased number of loyal customers. This combined with its discount coupons Hostgator promo code 25% discount have made this be the preferred choice for many.